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Our sister company BrightPool offers research led solutions to support internal talent functions.

The acquisition and retention of talent is a high priority for all organisations that want to have a competitive advantage in their market, consequently it is essential that these organisations have a thorough understanding of the talent landscape. BrightPool’s Talent Consulting division provides real time intelligence to support our clients’ talent strategies through a range of solutions under pinned by in-depth phone and web based research.

Our talent research & sourcing offering is customised to the specific goals and needs of each client and allows complete flexibility around the resource capacity and capability required.

Talent Acquisition

The provision of talent research solutions to support internal talent acquisition teams with single, multiple and on-going recruitment needs at executive and senior management levels.

  • Talent Pooling; the sourcing and management of talent communities for existing, on-going and future hiring needs.
  • Talent Mapping; identification and intelligence around talent in a specific field
  • Search & Engagement; supporting internal talent acquisition teams in the sourcing and engagement of individuals to a long-list stage
  • Succession Management; identification of talent to support succession strategies

Talent Intelligence

The provision of research solutions to gain insight into the talent landscape and aid the development of talent strategies.

  • Market Analysis; research to understand key trends and insight in to a specific talent market
  • Brand Perception; what does the external talent market think of your employer brand
  • Benchmarking; real time information on pay and reward packages within specific skill areas and/or locations
  • Best Practice; what are your competitors doing to attract and retain talent
  • Executive Referencing; research around candidates to complement references and pre-employment screening
  • Diversity & Inclusion; intelligence to support D&I strategies and build diverse talent pools
  • Location Insight – insight into the talent landscape of specific locations e.g. understand competition and availability of talent, optimum office locations to attraction and retain.

Mentor Provision

  • Utilising the network of highly experienced interim managers of our sister company Interim Partners, we are able to provide our clients with experienced Mentors to assist in coaching and development of critical personnel

Assessment Services

  • BrightPool has partnered with SHL to provide the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) which provides our clients an assessment of how an individual’s behavioural style will impact their suitability for a particular role


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